Van Dammes Daughter Is A Huge Badass And Also Kinda A 10

Jean-Claude Van Damme was a huge action star in the 80s and 90s, as well as a damn good looking dude. Thats important to point out, seeing as his daughter is now surfacing in the media and she too is damn good looking!

The muscles from Brussels actor actually has three kids with spouse Gladys Portugues. Apparently all the kids are talented and good looking, but Bianca Van Varenberg is definitely standing out as being the most similar, both in looks and skills, as her old man, Van Damme. She is heavy into fitness and health, while excelling in martial arts. And she is incredibly good looking as youll see.

Shes 25 and her flexibility is mirroring that of her father, as she can do the famous Jean-Claude splits! Heres what Bianca has to say about combining both beauty and athletics:

I want to show little girls and little boys that you can be physical and feminine. That you can cross your legs at the dinner table and then kick ass in a nice, feminine way. Kind of like how my father brought martial arts to the mainstream for my generation I want to continue that legacy.

She actually did not show much interest as a child as far as martial arts went. Her parents naturally steered her in that direction, but it didnt click. At first that is. Then came a time when a role was needed in a scene that her father was shooting for a film. The martial arts and acting bug bit hard at that point!

She has since been acting and practicing martial arts with her dad and has now been in six of his films. Heres what she says about training and hanging with her famous dad:

Well go to the gym and kick and stuff.

Just a typical father and daughter day out!

They are both very much into martial arts training, and they challenge one another to excel.

Ill agree to meet up with him and then Ill be like, Ugh, why am I here? Im a perfectionist and so is he, so hell always give me little critiques on my form, she says. Hell be all like, Look how high my kick is! And Im like, Dad, you cant be serious Im obviously better than you!’

Wow, she looks incredible!

Heres a video showing the power of female martial arts training as a woman is being robbed in China and defends herself.

With her looks and her athletics, we should be seeing more of Bianca on screen, hopefully following in her fathers footsteps. She would make for a strong female action hero who isnt just a pretty face, but can back it up with high level skills that she learned from the master himself!

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